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I'm Jasmyne, a 22 year old amateur gourmand who is still learning all about the vast wilderness that is the culinary world. Born in Sydney's inner West, my family slowly migrated south until we weighed anchor in Liverpool. I'm interested in cooking, music, literature, alternative fashion, dining out, and definitely NOT interested in my day job. I dream of one day being able to make a living through music. I believe that one of the best ways for friends and families to come together is through good food. Thank you for your offer of a comb or brush, but unfortunately nothing can be done - my hair has a life of its own.

Stephen is my fiance, a 23 year old scientist who is already well on his way to becoming well-known in his field - and he's just started his PhD. He contributes to the blog every now and then, and also takes some photos for me. His flair for experimentation is shown in his passion for mixing unusual elements in his dishes. His favourite chef is Heston Blumenthal. Stephen's interests include cooking, gene therapy, remote-control aeroplanes, creating new recipes and re-inventing old ones, and somehow finding time to sleep in between.

Our lives very much revolve around our families and friends. We bring many different cultures from our backgrounds to the table, including Australian, Maori, Polish, Maltese, Tongan and British, and our children will be representatives of the UN. We often spend time working our budgets around dining out. We thank you for taking the time to read our humble offerings. Please, feel free to leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you!

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All restaurant visits are paid for, and visits unannounced unless otherwise stated.