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Nov 01, 2010


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For this dish add as much Tabasco as you like. Since both Jasmyne and I can not handle anything too spicy we made it relatively weak. I would suggest to add and taste until the dish suits your own style.



I bet you jasmine(iPhone doesn't want to spell you name properly) dies all the cooking and does all the research and write up


Hiya Johno, I actually do a bulk of the cooking, well its honestly halved over the week. Each of us does our own research for the dishes we make plus I'm officially i scientist these days; I'm resourceful. And she makes me write up my own posts.


Also for those interested in recreating this dish, i would suggest using Roma tomatoes rather then cherry ones, but the cherry ones do provide a very nice flavor. The Roma will provide more juices then the cherries. If you grow your own tomatoes then go with them, you can't beat a home-grown tomato.

Jasmyne Tea

Lol shut up Stephen :)

Thanks Johno! Someone who actually thinks I can cook! Next time you're over I'll make whatever you want :D


No, it's just that you're the woman =P joking

Jasmyne Tea

Oh no he didn't....



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