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Feb 09, 2011


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I love yum cha, you chose two of my favourites - steamed vegetable dumpling and fried red bean dumplings!

Heavenly Housewife

I find Chinese dumplings so beautiful. I need to try to make them one of these days.
*kisses* HH

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

I always get quite anxious until I get my prawn dumplings. Once I get those I can rest and enjoy myself :P

Jasmyne Tea

I was actually looking forward to some fried noodles, but they didn't have any :(

HH, I would love to make some as well, but I'm kinda afraid that the magic of the dumplings would be ruined.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Carolyn Jung

How funny! Those football dumplings were my favorite as a kid, too. You don't often see them on dim sum carts these days. I wonder why....or maybe it's that you're beating me to the punch. Hah.

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