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Apr 21, 2011


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Well, I AM in finance ;)

Heavenly Housewife

What a fab little excursion. I love those little chocolate dipped figs, they look so decadent and yummy.
*kisses* HH


That fig & balsamic dressing sounds really good! I love vincotto, I haven't noticed any bitterness, maybe it depends on how it's made?


fig and balsamic sounds delish! happy easter!

Phuoc'n Delicious

That's so cool! I had no idea where Leppington was, but a quick google search made me realise it's quite "local" (I'm a fellow westie). Would be cool to check this farm out, do they allow general public to come?

Jasmyne Tea

Definitely, but you would need to go soon, fig season's almost over!

rocco marando

Hi guys, I just stumbled accross this very interesting and informative blog of Leppington Valley Farm. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. The Vincotto's Bitter aftertaste is done on purpose to a traditional old southern Italain recepie since held by the owner's grandmother!
All the best from the owner's grandmother's great grandson!
Cheers! (and thanks for the great wrap and photo's)
Be sure to visit us at Christmass for our Fig Mince Pies, Fig and Pistachio Biscotti and other little suprises

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