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Apr 02, 2011


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Have you watched Stargate Universe? I find it to be OK, kind of like, "Oh no we only have 30 minutes to stop our ship from exploding." or some similar crisis, at least for the first 12 episodes I have watched. I wish they would visit more planets. Gosh, I am not selling this show very well am I?

I don't really like to wear shoes either, I wish it was socially acceptable to walk around in just socks. Or even better, those house socks with the little rubbery grips on the bottom. That would make my life complete.


Thanks for that :)
I liked your snippets of info! Bio-imaging - that gets me excited, I actually work in cytogenetics (well i will be once again after i finish maternity leave!)


Thankyou so much guys! It's great to learn to learn a bit more about you, some are quite surprising!

the ninja

Your representation of Six is rather defamatory. Makes her look like she's got Raiders in her eyes.

Thanks for the mention...though I'd contest the "intelligent" bit.

Jasmyne Tea

Mary: I saw SG: Universe's pilot ep. And then I cried.
Seriously though, no matter how good a spin-off is, it's rarely better than the original (with the possible exception of Angel) and I don't think anything will ever beat the chemistry between Jack and Sam, or Teal'c's stoicism, or Daniel's evolution from nerdy archiologist to "tough guy". :)

Muppy: Stephen also got excited when he read that you were in Cytogenetics. I don't get you scientists :P

InTolerant Chef: You're welcome!

The Ninja: It was the only one I could find on Google Images with Six fully dressed... After a fashion. I'm trying to keep this PG!

Maria @ Scandifoodie

Thank you so much for the honour! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours! ;-)


Congrats and thanks for including my humble blog! :)


You're welcome Jasmyne! :D Woohoo for Sci-Fi!

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