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Apr 10, 2011


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Maria @ Scandifoodie

Great photos! I wish I could visit Surry Hills more often!


looks like a fabulous day out and yum the tofu looks delish!


Ooooh orange blossom water....can't wait to see what you make! I love the look of the pumpkin polenta. And I love those style festivals :)

Carolyn Jung

What a day of feasting! Would you believe it's the dish of tofu that really caught my eye the most? I know, who would have thunk? But that crackling coating on it looks insanely good. I can just imagine sinking my teeth into the crispy exterior to get to the custardy center. Yum!


I've only had dessert (amazing!) & beers at Yullis but have read only good things about the food. I'll definitely be back.


Liverpool has nothing. I lie - it has abnormally enlarged "fresh" produce and mass-targeted supermarket brands.

And I promise to marry whoever purchases these muesli products for me. Promise. :) (hehe!)

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