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Apr 24, 2011


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I have never had that much success is baking anzac cookies. These look really good, its nice that it is a handed down recipe.
Lest we forget.

Maria @ Scandifoodie

I've never made anzac biscuits and I think I've only ever tried them once! These look deliciously golden!


What a great way of paying tribute to the brave soldiers.

Jasmyne Tea

Hey, thanks a lot guys :)


I love the tradditional Anzac Biscuit. I hate it when there are added extras like raisons and stuff, Yuck!
Most years we go to the Canberra Anzac march, but this year we went to a tiny country town dawn service and it was so moving and lovely. Lest we forget.

Carolyn Jung

Love the crunch-a-licious-ness of these cookies. I remember eating quite a few when I went to Australia last year. Now, I'll definitely have to try my hand at baking my own.


I love these biscuits, and how nice that you've got a family recipe :)

(The dry mixture in the second photo is heart shaped! :D )

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