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May 01, 2011


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Phuoc'n Delicious

This reminds me of the butter beer that Heston Blumenthal made, sounds intriguing.. Hope you're feeling better


how weird! i don't like beer so i'm not sure i'll try it next time i'm sick, but i'll tell my hubby :)
btw i think wholegrain mustard would work perfectly with the crusted pork chops, you might need to combine it with a little dijon to get the chops sticky enough?


You didn't mention whether it tasted good? :) Alcohol to make me feel better sounds awfully good! Where's that beer??

Jasmyne Tea

Well, I did say that the entire drink tasted nothing like beer, and that the honey in the brew went well with the spices, but I can see how my wording could be a little ambiguous!
They stock this beer at Dan Murphy's, but haven't seen it elsewhere yet...


I guess if you didn't really feel better you could just keep drinking the beer and adding the effects of alcohol to the flu medication!
Hope you feel better soon


Don't know if it counts as a remedy but it sounds great! Hope you're feeling better now!

Helen (grabyourfork)

Hope you get better soon. It's quite odd that someone else was mentioning Japanese cures for colds that include warm sake with egg yolks in it. Ahh eggs - the magical cure for everything!


This sounds really good - I'm going to keep this in mind for winter (it's already so cold!) :)

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