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May 29, 2011


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Yaay, you cook the barra exactly how I do them too! I like searing them skin down for a fair while and then just flip once and the skin is always crispy. Your prawn cutlets looks so crispy too!! This is a great idea for our next home party :)


love your presentation. i really dislike the smell of seafood too, i mostly make my hubby prepare it when we cook. It reminds me of using prawns as bait when we went on holidays as a kid. i am not a huge prawn fan and i wonder if its because of that.


Oh no I can imagine that smell. I have slowly become a fan of seafood, although I still tend to hold my breath when walking past seafood shops in shopping centres - they smell.

Your tasting plate looks great, and I love the way you've done the barramundi :)


oh dear i can imagine that smell too i have issues with butchers too.. the prawn cutlets look awesome!

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