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May 31, 2011


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Heavenly Housewife

I don't drink, but I find this experience fascinating. I saw it once done on tv, and I think the ritual of it is very cool.
*kisses* HH


68% is pretty stiff! I would only do it if I get hallucinations! :) :)


Haven't tried absinthe but sounds interesting. Never thought it was so high in alcohol content.


Wow! I've been fascinated by absinthe since Moulin Rouge but I've only tried it once at a bar when I was drunk and it was awful.

I'd very much love to try it the proper way and visit this Salon - gorgeous!


I'm going to try the 65+ stuff next time ;) Totally gorgeous!

Jasmyne Tea

HH: I loved the ritual of it too! Oh well, maybe you can try it with lime cordial, lol.

ChopinandMysaucepan: I was half hoping for hallucinations too!

Gaby: Yeah, it was probably the highest alcohol content I've tried yet.

Chanel: Isn't Moulin Rouge the best?

Roxy: You alcoholic you.


I have one of those minature bottles of it that I've been meaning to try, I even found a perferated silver spoon to use. I just don't know about the side effects,I have only been completely drunk once(and that was enough), and it only takes 1 glass of wine for me to be over the limit. I think everything deseves a chance, so as you survived, I'll give it a go too.

Jasmyne Tea

Oooh, good luck! I just hope you like it, lol :)

Simon Food Favourites

i'm thinking you'd need more than two drinks to get hallucinations perhaps? i still want to try this place :-)

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