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Jun 25, 2011


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Definitely worth whipping up your own sauce. This looks like a great dipper and so quick so zip together.


I'm curious to try that mayo brand, not that I'm a big mayo eater but if you've mentioned it, must be great. Good look with the renovation!


Oh I totally understand how you feel about the change in tastes as we're growing up. I used to hate milk. I'm not even sure why. I used to tip it down the toilet or sink whenever mum's not looking and every now and then, I'd get caught.

Now, I love everything milky. A hot choc on a cold day, strawberry thickshakes, you name it I'll have it. Heck, I'd even drink milk straight just because I like it. :D

Love tartare sauce too, I'd always have it on my fish and chips :)


Oh dear, at least know you can sort out the damp issues. I am sure we have some similar hidden secrets.
Your tartare sounds delicious, I have to try the mayo.

Carolyn Jung

Oh my gawd, I felt the same way about tartar sauce when I was a kid. I hated it. But now, of course, just like you, I adore it. I think when we're young, most of us just don't have an appreciation yet for that pickly kind of taste. Thank goodness, though, our taste buds eventually get more adventurous.

Helen (grabyourfork)

see i don't call it cheating - it's just efficiency. lol

Heavenly Housewife

Woo hoo :D I love tartar sauce. When I was little I'd take the tartar sauce out of my mom's fish burger at mcdonalds and eat it, telling her there was a lot of calories in it LOL (i was always such a naughty girl).
*kisses* HH


The sweetness and acidity from the pickles and capers is what makes it sooooo good! Great sounding recipe guys.

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