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Jun 20, 2011


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Love the presentation!

Maria @ Scandifoodie

I never get tired of the good old pumpkin! And a soup is just perfect on a cool winter's day :-)


This looks like a fantastic evening. I love it when you get the whole package with the cuisine unpackaged and explained for you. My sister lives in Turkey, and the food really is great and diverse and the culture is still very seasonally motivated. Meat is really expensive and they only eat it every few months, but they take their baking to the local bakehouse to be cooked fresh for them with her own ingredients for just a few cents! Imagine doing that here!


That comment was supposed to be about the Turkish restaurant! Sorry!
BTW the soup looks good though!

Jasmyne Tea

LOL, no worries! Thanks for your comments everyone :)


Pumpkin is my favourite soup - nutmeg is definitely required, but I love the sound of the cinnamon addition!

I love your presentation too (but I use butternut pumpkin) :D


It's not so humble when you have such a beautiful presentation. The soup looks delicious and I might add a bit of crispy bacon to be a little decadent :)

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