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Jul 22, 2011


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I'm very impressed Jasmyne coz you actually made this cake from scratch. It is very popular in Malaysia where I grew up and most of bought from the shops. Well done, it looks delicious!

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

You are SO lucky! In my almost 28 years of living, no one has ever surprised me like that. I am jealous. Must show this post to my boyfriend :P
I love pandan as well! Must try this recipe :)


I see this all the time at our Asian Bakery, and have always wanted to try it. Now I can adjust yours a bit to make a gluten free one for myself! Yay! Nice party too guys!


Sounds like a neat mix between flavor and texture. Love that color. ;) What a wonderful surprise.


Nice cake! I'm a bit ashamed to say it's the first time I see pandan leaves.


Maybe your just too clever for surprises! though in your drawer??? i have never had a surprise party, i'm too much of a control freak and organise my own thing! i love the chiffon cake, i made a pandan coconut angel cake a couple of weeks ago. it was amazing.

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