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Jul 13, 2011


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Happy birthday! Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday dining experience :)


happy birthday!


I hope you had a wonderful birthday. The food looks wonderful and it sounds like everyone has done their best to see you have a happy 21st. Hugs and birthday blessings...Mary


Happy birthday!! The food looked great! I wish I was 21 still :( the years just keep counting down...


happy birthday, looked like a lovely dinner, good food, good company :)


Happy Bithday indeed!
I'm glad you had such a nice dinner, and wasn't your dessert surprise gorgeous! I think the calamari was a bit odd too, but as long as it tasted good I guess.


Happy birthday Jasmyne, are you 21 or 31 as one of the cards say 31? :)


Happy Birthday! I love a chocolate written message, how sweet of them :)

Jasmyne Tea

Lol Chopinandmysaucepan, my friends are idiots.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

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