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Sep 03, 2011


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Dumpling Girl

Totally agree that mum's shouldn't cook on their b'day's, and of course Mothers' Day too :) Happy Birthday to Rosie. Your bundt cake looks lovely.


My mum used to cook in her birthday and buy her own cake too.


The cake looks beautiful! (but wow! That's a lot of butter!) I bet she loved the cake ;)


Beautiful swirl. I would enjoy every rich morsel of this cake. ;)


So pretty! My MIL rarely does anything for her birthday either unless we do it for her. I still remember for her 40th I made her tacos, she had never had them before (or since!) Last year for her 60-somethingth we took her to yumcha, again for her first and probably last time as well. She doesn't like 'fancy' foods. I'm thinking next year I'll make her this cake, and I'm sure that will win her over!

Carolyn Jung

There's something so wonderfully comforting and homey about a swirled bundt cake. It's just so irresistible that you can't help but reach for slice after slice.

Heavenly Housewife

Happy birthday Rosie!!!
That bundt cake is just so lovely!
*kisses* HH
p.s. note to self: must buy bunt cake pan, been wanting one for like evaaaaah already


Happy birthday Rosie! Thin slices and they stand up so well too!

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

I agree, you should never have to cook on your birthday and never cook your own birthday cake. Your marbled bundt looks delicious.


Aww I bet she appreciated not having to make her own cake :) that was nice! The cake looks AWESOME! Love marble cakes :)


it looks beautiful, and i'm with you 'thin slices' :)


Butter and sugar makes everything taste better and it's her birthday so being unhealthy is fine :D The cake sure looks good though, I'm so sick right now but I can still do with some cake!

Jasmyne Tea

Thanks so much for your comments everyone!

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