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Sep 06, 2011


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Most authentic Asian restaurants are very dodgy in their appearance, but great in flavour. I tried Vietnamese cuisine for the first time when I arrived to Australia and immediately fell in love with it. So light and tasty.


I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to try out the food after that first impression. ;) Looks like it was totally worthwhile though. Beautiful pics.

Dumpling Girl

Spring rolls with vermicelli is one of my favourite dishes. However, you're meant to pour the accompanying sauce (leave some for the spring rolls though) into the noodles and mix it up with the vege and eat it like a noodle salad, and take bites of the spring roll whilst eating the noodles. Hope that helps if you eat it next time :)


If it looks dodgy and still had a lot of people, you can guarantee its damn good! Im all for that if they can back it up with flavour :)


Hahaha.....crappy interior :) So true!! But I guess the food makes up for it! ;) When I order vermicelli, I usually pour the sauce onto it and mix it through with the vegetables-plain vermicelli is not very nice...I can't believe the staff didn't explain! The Crispy skin chicken looks delicious!


which one did you prefer?

for me, personally i prefer Pho Pasteur.. its so much cheaper and the waiters dont stare at you when you eat opposed to Pho AN :)

I love Prawn and Pork Rice Paper Rolls .. thats like 55% of my dinner in summer hahaa

Jasmyne Tea

Gaby: This was a whole new level of dodgy! The pho was worth it though :)

Briarrose: Thanks for reading!

Dumpling Girl: That really does help! Thanks, I'll give it a try next time.

Nic: I've noticed that! Thanks for reading :)

Von: I can't believe it either! Where they laughing at me behind my back? Lol.

Dolly: I've never been to Pho An, but there was a place in Canley Heights called Bau Truong that I definitely thought had a nicer interior, and the food was just as good.


The food certainly doesn't look dodgy at least!


this is crazy, a friend and i were discussing vietnamese food the other night - i usually grab mine from cabramatta whereas he lives for the restaurants at canley heights. after reading this we now need to try bankstown to see how their delicious food compares; thank you for the pho inspiration! reading this has made me sooooo hungry.


I can never go past Pho An whenever I am around Bankstown. The price is a little more expensive but the bowl of pho is huge and in my humble opinion, the best pho in Sydney :)

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