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Oct 19, 2011


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Both salads look fresh and tasty. I haven't been to Cabramatta yet, looking forward to scheduling a feeding trip soon.


Wow... I just ate and I'm hungry again! I love these types of food! Yum!


I love the sound of the crunchy spring rolls, and the paw-paw salad looks so fresh with those bright prawns! I'd definitely need to tone down the heat though :)


id love to eat with you coz you are soo good at ordering food lol!!! everything looks super tasty...esp the paw paw salad! does def look like a great intro to viet dishes!

also, your sis is soooo cute! the hat! the curly hair :)

Dumpling Girl

I've always wanted to eat here, the food looks excellent.

Carolyn Jung

Crispy sticky rice?? Oh, my heart be still. I think my niece and I would be fighting over this. LOL


I love Vietnamese too, and went to a local restaurant Sunday night- it really didn't look as nice as your though, and came with complimentary steel wool in my soup!

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