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Oct 11, 2011


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That looks like one fantastic afternoon tea!


Wow Jasmyne, what a fun party...love the pictures!
Hope you are having a great week and thanks for sharing this post :-)


Love love love high tea! What a shame yours was a bit dry though :( We went to one at the Hyatt and they dumped a glass of champagne right in my sisters lap, so ours was free! Hope you got some sort of discount at least.

Vivian - vxdollface

I went with my sister :) had a great time but it was soooooo crowded :/ would've preferred just taking her to regular high tea that wasn't in a ballroom lol


I adoreeeee high tea! I haven't really been to that many which is a total shame. Was a similar event held in Melbourne or was this Sydney only?


Looks like one awesome event with so much food on offer!


What a great event!
p.s I made sausage pastry the other day for my husband, and he requests that I should add that to our regular meals. Thank you!



By the way, I awarded your fun blog the Liebster Blog Award! Feel free to pass it on or just glow in your own awesomeness!


What a lovely afternoon! I've not been to a high tea in many, many years! Of course, it was on a much smaller scale but was a wonderful time to share with the girls! I love the cake soup!!

Carolyn Jung

What a fun time, what with the cakes and the high fashion. Really, does one need anything beyond that to smile? I think not. ;)


ooooh yumm... everyting looks lovely... def. my kind of place to bum around!


Love the levels of stalls, looks like fun :)

Jasmyne Tea

InTolerant Chef - No, nothing of the sort! They didn't even top up my champagne!
Vivian - Agreed, I much prefer something small scale, too many people!
Akika - They have this event in Melbourne too, but I think it was in July this year.
Angie - I'm glad he enjoyed it! :)
YummyChunklet - Thanks so much!

Thanks to everyone else for commenting :)


I went as well - agree that it was fabulous! Have just written a post too :)

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