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Nov 19, 2011


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I believed it started opening last sunday or trialing it =). Great review!


I work just up the road and Circa has become my morning spot of choice. Everything there is interesting and surprisingly affordable. It's even more impressive considering that a few years ago that was an alley between buildings and circa was willed into existence.

Hotly Spiced

What a cool cafe. My son went to school in Parramatta and when out there we were always looking for somewhere fabulous to eat. I think the baked egg dish looks the most appealing for me.

Miss Piggy

This is one of my all time favourite cafe - and it doesn't hurt it's a 25 minute walk from home (better than your terrible commute, hey). They open on Sunday's now - was there today...and last Sunday too. Can't get enough. Great post.

Carolyn Jung

OMG, that French toast looks totally worth waking up bright and early for. What a charming place to kick back on a lazy morning.

Dumpling Girl

I love how the food hear has a lovely homey look to it, but I've really gotten to make a trek for the French toast one of these days.


Glad you finally got there in the end. Def looks worth it


The baked eggs look amazing! (though all the food looks delicious too!). I'm at Parramatta almost everyday (part of my commute to uni...)- I'll have to try this place some day!


wow...french toast n all yumm dishes are absolutely inviting..
first time here..love your space..
awesome posts with nice presentation..
Am your happy follower now..;)
do stop by mine sometime..
Tasty Appetite


Great-looking food! I'd prefer my scrambled eggs on the plate as opposed to on the toast, it'd be easier to eat that way. The French toast does look amazing as well as the baked eggs with sucuk (a sausage I love because it's very similar to a Peruvian one).

Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

Looks like a pretty funky place but I'm intrigued by that expensive case of Penfolds Grange casually laying there lol!


the baked eggs is so freaking awesome! and theyre finally opening on sunday!

Heavenly Housewife

Chai and what looks like perfectly scrambled fluffy eggs. This is my idea of heaven.
*kisses* HH


hey is this the same place as circa cafe or circa espresso is another 'branch'? ive been wanting to visit circa cafe for ages coz apparently it has a melbourne feel to it!

btw, that huge scramble egg...im salivating!

wish i live closer to parramatta.


I am in love with Circa!!!! and now its open on sundays too, i'm there at about 8 :)
my hubby felt the same when he ordered the baked eggs but me i'm love the mushroom on sour dough, next i am going to have the chai thanks to you!


this place is all over the twittersphere. I must really get down there one day and give it a go, if only to feel a little cooler.

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