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Nov 02, 2011


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Yum! These are bookmarked for later this week. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Lucy @ Lucyeats

Yum, what a great recipe. Love your cupcake liners too =)


Haha, you did make your future mother in law eat her words! Very classy cupcakes, I must say!


I love food and baked goods that are mildly flavored with lavender. You've done a great job here. I know I'd love this. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


I love the combination of lavender and chocolate. They look delectable.


LOL I couldn't help smiling... ;-)
I love the combo of flavours here! Yummy! Maybe she just wanted to eat some of your yummy baked goods! ;-)


haha...yay! Just from the photo, the buttercream looks very light and fluffy- and delicious too :) Love the flavour combination of chocolate and lavender!

Hotly Spiced

Your cupcakes look delicious and are beautifully styled too. I love your use of lavender.

Heavenly Housewife

I think Steven's mom should mind her own business ;), these cupcakes rock! Beautiful flavours!
*kisses* HH

Jasmyne Tea

Gosh, I hope I didn't give the wrong impression, stephen's mum is great! We just always give eachother a hard time, it's how we role :p

Dumpling Girl

Lol, I would of done the same if I was in your shoes. I love all that fluffy looking icing, yum!

Jasmyne Tea

I altered the post slightly, as I felt my post, whilst benign to people who know us personally, might be conveyed as a bit hostile. It wasn't meant that way, honest!

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