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Nov 09, 2011


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Miss Piggy

Awww, it's sweet that you miss your bf so much. I'd take this time though to do all those girly things that make him roll his eyes - you know like watch the entire series of Sex and the City in one sitting. The tart looks great - I'm going to attempt this as the store bought pastry makes it simplier for non cooks like me!


How sweet to miss someone so much. It will make getting back together so special! This is one great recipe, I like the topping of feta which must melt beautifully into the tart! yum!!


A month after my husband and I started dating I was sent to India to do some work. Spent 3 weeks there (including Valentine's day), went back home and was sent to the UK. A couple of months later they sent me to Mexico. Needless to say, we did a really good use of MSN messenger those few first months :) The tart sounds good, but as a beet-holic the salad sounds even better!


Naw I hope the time passes quickly for yuo


What cute and delicious sounding tartlets!

Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

Just think of the time when he's back :) :)

Carolyn Jung

I love when leeks are cooked down to get all caramelized. With cheese, they're even BETTER! ;)

Hotly Spiced

What a beautiful love story! I'm so sorry for you. I hope you see each other soon. On the upside, I just love the combination of leeks and fetta. I make a leek, fetta and tomato quiche and the whole family loves it.

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