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Dec 05, 2011


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Oh wow that fattoush does look fab!! Its hard to find one that stays crispy but I love the flavours so much that I normally eat it anyway lol


The Labneh looks like an egg! haha....
You're so lucky, having so many people wishing you farewell! :) And to have friends to take you to a Lebanese restaurant- I would be so lost as to what to order!! The food looks so good- I've never had lebanese before, but now I want to try!


What a great few days of eating/send-offs!


This truly is my kind of food. Shame there is nowhere like this in the west of Scotland.

Dumpling Girl

Never had the scrambled eggs here, but will next time they good great. I agree with you that the chicken here is definitely on the dry side, but I guess it's hard when you use chicken breast.


Those scrmabled eggs love so freakin' good! And there's a dish called 'foul'? Oh dear.


Breakfast of champions! Love the look of the eggs. I went to their Surry Hills restaurant, and they're opening another one in Newtown.

Heavenly housewife

This is my kind of food, it's the food I grew up with. Everything looks so delicious, wish I was with u!
*kisses* HH


What a fabulous assortment. Everything really looks delicious and you photos of the dishes are stellar. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Hotly Spiced

That looks like an impressive feast. I have a friend who did a Lebanese cooking type of a tour around Punchbowl. She bought all the ingredients and then had me and others over for a meal and it was incredible. Have a wonderful time in the USA.

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

What an awesome looking feast! What a great way to spend a Sunday brunch. Have a wonderful and safe trip to the USA and looking forward to reading your adventures when you get back.

Miss Piggy

Oh WOW - this looks like an amazing way to start the day. You're so lucky to have friends who know exaclty what to order (even if it took 4 attempts to get there).

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