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Dec 14, 2011


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the garlic bread looks so sad! but ah the pork belly looks freaking delicious!


Wow Jasmyne, everything looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Hope you are having a wonderful week :-)


Funny that the slutty-dressed waitress works in a former church. A German place that doesn't offer good pretzels sounds a bit disappointing (I can understand garlic bread, as it's not supposed to be a specialty). Luckily the rest of the food was great (especially the pork!).

Miss Piggy

My hubby REALLY wants to go here so thanks for the review - I now know what to avoid (including the boobs, lol).

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

I love the location that this place is in. I agree with Gaby, sort of funny that slutty waitress is working there. Food looks great.


I LOLed at Paul's comment about the boobs. I totally agree though, there's a time and place for cleavage and a restaurant is not really the place for it.

OMG the pork belly! I'm drooling....I want some of that crackling!

Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

Dear Jasmyne,

These Bavarian beef cafes seem to be popping up all over Sydney! I think I agree with your findings about the pretzel, my exact sentiments and I would also add that it's bloody chewy too!


I've never eaten inside a church before- it looks pretty cool ;) The food looks great, especially the pork belly!! Shame your meal was cut short by the appearance of the person at the bar!


I really like German food when it's done well, this places looks really interesting especially as it's in a church, will check it out. Thanks!

Hotly Spiced

If there are red-blooded males reading your post they'll all be flocking to that cafe. How brazen is she!


Thank you for sharing this.
It is very interesting.


So many delicious dishes! Flammenbrot and Schnitzel look especially tempting.

Lucy @ Lucyeats

I'm glad that the calibre of the dishes went up as your night went on. I started getting a little depressed after reading your comments on the first few dishes lol.

Carolyn Jung

Oh man, the skin on the pork belly is the stuff of dreams. Sigh.

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