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Jan 02, 2012


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Chocolate tea??!! I'd love to try it!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

Thanks for the review, I was wondering what this was like!


I've never known this place was there. Will have to check it out

Carolyn Jung

I was gonna say that those scones looked unusually small. Too bad they weren't that good. But glad the rest of the high tea was so scrumptious. Happy 2012!


ive been here multiple times, the last time i went the service wasnt great :(

tea is good though

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

I love tea, especially when I drink it from a cute cup :D I've never had chocolate tea before! I would really like to try that some day :D

Hotly Spiced

It's a shame the service was a little lack-lustre but what a wonderfully civilised way to spend an afternoon! The food looks delicious.


i enjoy high tea with my friends, nice time out! i love the graffiti wall :)

Apple @Polkadotsandchopsticks

I'd probably go for the chocolate tea alone. I still need to go out for high tea at some point, there's just so many places to choose from now! :)

Rob Feckler

When I was younger, my grandma always invited me for a cup of tea on a weekend hangout at her porch. There was one time when I asked her what the wick was (I thought it was a wick). She just smiled at me and told me it was made so it would be easier to put out the tea bag since the water is hot. Till now I still laugh at myself every time I remember that.

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