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Feb 01, 2012


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I never heard of using milk. What a great idea!


How interesting...so only tomato paste and milk were used? no tomato sauce?? I've added cream at times to my sauce for a lighter color and creamier taste so I can only imagine how wonderful this must have tasted!!

Jasmyne Tea

Hi Linda, I should clarify - it wasn't concentrated tomato paste, so it was like a less-watery passata.


Interesting, I didn't know that.

Miss Piggy

Ineresting...I've never heard of this before. Those Italians sure are nifty.


I've cooked a LOT of Italian food and yet I've never heard of this secret ingredient. It's a must try!

Jennifer (Delicieux)

I have heard of using milk in pasta sauces, but I'm mainly seen it used in meat based sauces. I would be interested to try it in a vegetarian sauce and see if there is a difference.

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

I've never heard of or tried using milk in my pastas. I have used cream in the sauce though which made it very creamy and delicious. I'm sure milk makes it great too. :D

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

That's really interesting. Will be giving it a go, would of never thought of it.

Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

Dear Jasmyne,

I think this is a little similar to adding coconut milk to a spicy curry chicken stock to make the delectable laksa taste so good. I might give this a go the next time I'm ruffling up a pot of pasta.

Lucas @CoverVersions

I've used double-cream added to a tomato sauce to thicken it and it's great, especially with grillen chicken and/or a ton of garlic.

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