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Feb 18, 2012


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Congrats on getting some much done for your upcoming nuptials!


man now i REALLY want to go back to NY just to try all the food. that eggs benedict is genius and the beetroot dessert is like a work of art...so pretty! just noticed that prices in NY is similar to Sydney...i thought would be more expensive!


Good lord that dessert! The prices you've mentioned are astonishing, like Vivienne I thought it'd be more expensive too. I'm glad you guys had the opportunity to visit such an iconic restaurant on your travels!


NYC was pretty amazing. What I did notice while I was in the US over my 3 months is that everyone says NYC is so expensive. But they haven't been to Sydney. In my opinion its more expensive here back home. I think a restaurant like this in Sydney would cost double.

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

The food at WD-50 is amazing. Wylie is such an amazing guy, he is generally in the kitchen most nights. Was he there when you guys dined, did you get to meet him?

Was a shame you didn't get to try the degustation, that was my big splurge in NYC. I really waddled back to the hotel and the matching wines were incredible. You are right the staff know there stuff.

Wylie is a very approachable guy, and is happy to say hi and a quick chat. I even got a tour of the kitchen :)

It is a place I would go back to in a heart beat.


Sara: unfortunately Wylie wasn't in the night were there. Perhaps next time, I definitely want to go back.

Tina @ bitemeshowme

So jealous that you got to dine here. I'm sure it was nothing short of amazing!

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