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Mar 27, 2012


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Dont worry about the images - they actually looks quite good. I think as long as we can see the dish and its doorlability, then its fine with me ;)


I'm glad you decided to post because that rack of lamb looks delicious!

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

I am so glad you did decide to share the meal with us and the photos. I had wondered what this dinner was going to be like and so glad I now know :)


Oh! I just had lunch but alreaty hungry at the pictures...they all look so good Jasmyne.
Hope you are having a fabulous week :)


Wallaby ,, nice,,,, ive never tried that..

OMG quail with melted butter... my dream...!!


m8. What a meal! Shame about the camera (it's always the way huh!) but it's nice you're still able to share your meal (and make us jealz).


I think we all have moments like this but food this good just must be shared! It all sounds so tasty!


Bummer about your memory card, you did get a very decent result with your iPhone. It kinda gives the photos a vintage vibe, which goes with the theme :)

Anna @ the shady pine

What a fabulous experience! I am so glad you decided to post about it as it is a wonderful story!

Hotly Spiced

That does look like an amazing night out. What a fun thing to do. It's great to reflect on what people might have been eating all those years ago. I agree with you re quail - I really can't be bothered unless they have been partially de-boned otherwise it's a lot of bother - bit like crab. Great review and don't be too hard on yourself re the photos xx


So cool. Wallaby tail consomme? And dessert served with the savouries? How fun and interesting!

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