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Mar 17, 2012


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I love haloumi, so this looks really good in this salad!


I know that feel. It's funny how people don't realise a blog is merely a snapshot of what we cook, not what we eat everyday! So silly. Anyway - cheese and grilled fruit = heaven on earth, so, this looks amazin'.


Amazing flavours!!! I looooooove haloumi and it really is one of my favourite things to eat. Just had some last night again and I normally like them with prawns as skewers. But, I really should try them on a salad like yours one of these days. Sounds so beautiful =)


I've tried pears & haloumi but not peaches & haloumi, sounds yummy!

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

Tastes of summer. I adore grilled haloumi, then to add the sweetness of peaches, pure summer.


I REALLY can't wait until peaches are back in season again so I can try this! So refreshing, healthy and delicious!


Love the combo


halomi goes well with everything. ive made a strawberry halomi salad.. yum!

Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

Dear Jasmyne,

I love that squishy texture of haloumi cheese on my teeth and such a great combo sweet savoury with peaches too! Well done.

Lucy @ Lucyeats

Oh that looks amazing - Love haloumi cheese with fruit!


if you want to be inspired for healthy eating scandifoodie is the place to go!!! this sounds really delicious.

cooking grill

wow so amazing! :) nice combo to this recipe.

Lucas @ coverversions.tv

Wow, and here I was thinking ScandiFoodie was for vegan stuff only. Not that I need an excuse to eat haloumi.

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