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Apr 15, 2012


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woah the suckling pig sounds amaaazing!


Ah, George suffers from the same problems I do.

The food looks great, I had no idea food like this existed in Fairfield!


OMG!!!!!!! Everything sounds amazing as hell!!! I HAVE to give this place a try next time I'm up in Sydney. I seriously want to try everything, especially the fungi lasagne and pork. DAYUM. Nice one, Jas! Hope you guys had a great celebration =D

Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

Dear Jasmyne,

I have heard you mention a long time ago this is your fave Italian. The food doesn't look too traditional and seem to have an edge about it. George must be good fun around the dinner table :)

Hotly Spiced

The food looks incredible. I would have love to have seen how the suckling pig was presented. I love aronchini balls and these look so good. At least your dinner party was amusing company! xx


Ha! Stephen's dad sounds fun to be around because I have a strange sense of humor as well.


Oh My Goodness!! That suckling pig looks so amazing indeed! Yummo!


Food looks great! Is Stephen like his dad?

Jasmyne Tea

Gaby: Actually no! Shy as shy can be, lol.

Thanks for commenting everyone!


beautifully presented food! the arancini looks delicious.

Tina @ bitemeshowme

I didn't realise you lived so close to the area. Hello, neighbour? :P I really enjoyed myself here when I went for the boy's birthday. We did the summer special menu but I really do look forward to trying the a la carte.

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