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May 30, 2012


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Vivian - vxdollface

how rude of her! maybe she thought you were part of the reception tables? either way, very rude.

food looks lovely and close to home too :) kinda craving some deep fried seafood right now ^^"


The roasted sea scallops look great! Sorry for the rudeness you experienced, though.

Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen

I'm drooling at the violet hairy thing on top of the white peach pannacotta ... Anyway, what you should have done is to order a waiter to go over to that lady to wish her a happy 80th birthday and then get everyone to sing and clap loudly for her. or even better is to whisper loudly, "hey isn't that lady the one we saw at that club? she was with this older man and i think she went into a love hotel". Anyway, it may seem otherwise, but i'm absolutely a normal person!

Hotly Spiced

I think it's unfortunate that the wedding party chose to host their reception in a public room. They would have been far better off booking a private room. Naturally they would have liked silence for their speeches but that is a lot to ask of strangers. (Particularly when you're not asked nicely!) On the upside, the food looks incredible and congrats to Joon on his placement at Bond Uni xx


Oh so rude! If they didn't want to mix with the riff raff- like you:) they should have booked their own space/time. You have just as much right to enjoy your dinner time out as well.
I must say the food looks amazing though, and I'm glad it was delicious!


You eat at the nicest places!! And somehow your photos make me hungry despite it being post-dinner time. Haha at that woman, Stephen and Joon are totally bros. Awesome.

I wanna make myself a banana colada now!

Angie@Angie's Recipes

That's pretty rude of that woman..and to be honest, if that party is not completely private, then she has no right at all to do that.
At least, food are all very delicious, love that roasted sea scallops especially.


Your food photos look so inviting…Love the sea scallops…so gorgeous!

Excuse Me Waiter

those scallops look divine! it's a shame that lady was being so rude.

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