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Jun 01, 2012


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Wow, Jasmyne! This looks like pure, delicious comfort. I'm always a bit scared to work with filo pastry, but I think I can be brave, just to try this :D


And I wasn't sent a slice because...?


Ive never had Quince before.. from what i know its sorta like a pear?

i must say your pastry looks yummy!

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

That looks so fantastic! I would be so happy to sit with a whole bowl of that in front of the TV...:P I'm such a glutton.

Jasmyne Tea

Chanel: Thanks for commenting! It's not so hard in this recipe, give it a go!

Roxy: Stephen devoured it all!

Dolly: It is sorta like a pear, but you can't eat it raw. Try it!

Jenny: Nothing wrong with a little gluttony ;)

Tania @ A Perfect Pantry

This looks so yum. I grew up eating a similar pie with sweetened ricotta cheese.


I still need to try and cook with quince. Thanks for the reminder!


I adore savory turkish foods but don't think I've ever had anything sweet! Need to try this dessert. ANd quince! Another first for me.


Ohh this is the book you mentioned to me a little while ago! Do want. It looks like you did a really neat job reproducing the recipe too! Wanna eat all the ricotta things.


ooo yummy!



Hotly Spiced

That's a gorgeous looking pie, Jasmyne. And I love poached quince. What a great recipe. xx


i want some! yum :)

InTolerant Chef

Just delicious indeed! I adore quinces, yummo!

Leanne Kitchen

Thank you for your lovely comments about my book! So glad
you liked the recipe.. and how good are quinces?
I saw my first ones for 2013 today...

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