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Jul 02, 2012


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Haha! What an educational post about cornish pasties. And I agree, I can't believe there's such a thing as a Cornish Pasty Association, my goodness. Oh well, least the recipe is delicious. I'm keen to try this out sometime too! =D

Hotly Spiced

I didn't know you had to go all the way to Cornwall to make a cornish pastie. Thank goodness Curtis Stone is breaking all the rules. Lovely looking pastie Jasmyne and so right for the current climatic conditions xx


How funny! Well done, they look great


I've never heard that rhyme before! Very cute. ANd these pastries too...adorable and delicious!

Sara (Belly Rumbles)

Hahaha, the Cornish are just as bad as the French with the use of the word 'Champagne'.

No matter what you want to call them, I will call it a Cornish pasty, looks scrumptious and perfect for these cold days we are having.

Tania @ A Perfect pantry

I know my hubby will love these... thanks for sharing such a delicious recipe.


So interesting this cornish patsy...they sure look very tasty.
Thanks for sharing the recipe Jasmyne and hope you are having a fabulous week :)

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

That's such a cute rhyme! :D I also didn't know you had to make cornish pasties in Cornwell! That is a lot of rules to follow, I think I like your version better anyway. ;)


What a tasty and savory looking pastry!


Dear Jasmyne,

This looks like a nice snack and I think Rick Stein would be impressed too.

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)

Love pasties coz they're so much faster to put together than individual serves of pies, but gotta laugh that there is a Cornish Pasty Association! Some people obviously take their food a little too seriously.

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