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Oct 04, 2012


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That is an AWESOME dream!

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

I have heard that dreams are usually opposites, or it's a manifestation of what happened or you've thought about during the day...but there's a lot of theories that are unproven so I have no idea what dreams really mean. Especially yours!

I've had some really weird dreams, none of which I remember quite clearly now. :P


I love crazy dreams like yours, specially when they involve food!


Dear Jasmyne,

Taking LSD for the first time when I was younger was one of the most amazing, trippy, happy, dreamy, surreal and out of the world experience for me. Thankfully I was with my girlfriend who has taken it before. We went dancing and the lights seemed like UFOs among so many other trippy images that lasted at least 8 hours :)


Haha, I had such a dream like a month ago.


Wow, I wish I could remember my dreams. I bet my mind is crazy enough for story's like that, but I never remember it.

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